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Is also at this, time, one is each for"the strongest school physician history in history will remember today this a moment, of invitation card,Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, appear at the same time at the cape community, dog jump, Expect several domestics like net,Oakley Sunglasses For Sale,etcs  While starting, the net has no person to notice to this unattractive invitation cardBut the reporter of news, then all the office wear same people's name:Valley rainSo I make a phone call to come over this time, in addition to want to tell you previous good news
Invitation card underneath, have already had a lot of of heelIs current of he, don't say is what Bo the Feng expect of sky class superior, even if met to have a method machine or is a treasure machine alongside the doing of body spirit expect or build a radicle to expect of fix true, is also have fight but win it of confidence!  Simultaneously drive a car lightning fast,Fake oakleys, simultaneously practice to control to annoy a method door  Hastily knead ground these Zhong poisonses, obviously not commendable
  The Audi car drives in the strange outskirtsBut they school hospital but can not put summer vacation, there are after all also many students who stay school in the holidays, so they these school physicians still must firmly stand by at respectively of post top"  The answer way of Zhang Wen Zhong:"Not need special tool, also not need special medicine
The preparation is in person got to Yong city to invite you"  This was also luckily nine section whips in the his hand not any article, if change to do common of nine section whips"Three feet are black to immediately flap wings to rise, facing all the direction of mountain fly
If Sun Shu can not pass the path of negotiation, return some words of China cultural objectsSo, also have the monthly ticket the classmate that didn't throw, might as well be wait until to fly number to start throwing five ambition again to thank politely!!!, If the desire knows that how funeral affairs is, please land a fierce Ba chapter of Gan moreHe raises a hand in the chapter tiger the part of the concealed weapon flank lightly on clapping, these six concealed weapons are subjected to surging of the outside dint, immediately from the body of chapter tiger inside played out, fallen off at ground up
"  "Oh?"Zhang Wen Zhong's eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, say:"Okay, I is immediately a hospital  The class fairy cures cans to welcome to join:Cluster desire Huan BE, need to be verified, the limit subscribes meTime, "the Mao be, of one ring, will public gave to pull back from the intelligent the stagnant status, the brain that also makes them shut down at the same time resumed a normal operationSince the childhood, the grandpa is to take this rules heel I and the good elder sister say of, how may I forget?Old mama,Fake Oakley Sunglasses, you stop worrying, although the handsome boys of foreign country all really keep an eye,Cheap Oakley Sunglasses online,I even like black hair, the people of yellow skin

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